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FOSS4G North America Meeting is coming May 14-16th 2018. Details »

Online Discussions

Join us online about what we're doing now and what's next.

Learn about QGIS

QGIS is the most popular open source GIS desktop tool in the world.

Group Goals:

  • Coordination of development (in the US but also globally)
  • QGIS information: meetings, articles in GIS magazines, QGIS information on Twitter, GIS discussion boards
  • Initialization of domain-specific interest groups and application modules (like waste-water, urban planning, surveying, etc.)
  • Organization of the annual or bi-annual QGIS user meetings.
  • Serve as a point of organization for regional meetups (held as Birds of a Feather type metings at regional GIS events)
  • Join us and share your ideas!

Come Join Us.

FOSS4G-NA 2018 will take place
From May 14th-16th 2018 in St Louis Missouri

Join us at another event near you ... or organize your own.

Generally interested in open source GIS?... not a QGIS user yet but want to join and help?

QGIS itself is developed by a team of dedicated volunteers and organizations. You can participate in support channels, bug reporting, improving documentation, creating tutorials, promoting use of QGIS and helping developers improve this community tool.

We Discuss Things Online. Join & Introduce Yourself.

Can't make it to a meetup? No problem. We collaborate on projects, ask for help, and post wins to our Mailing List. We welcome anyone to sign-up... you might just see something you're interested in helping with.

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